Yorkshire Pasta – Conchiglie Rigata

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Great tasting premium quality pasta made in Yorkshire. Many industrial manufacturers have lost touch with the traditional techniques, opting for rapid, high-throughput methods. We want to take pasta back to basics, with no compromise on flavour, making pasta slowly and authentically; this is essential for enhancing the flavour of the grain and the pasta’s ability to absorb sauces. Some say it even results in a more easily digestible pasta.

One of the all-time favourites. We make our Penne ‘rigate’ meaning ridged which helps this little fella hold its shape and soak up sauce. Penne comes from the Italian word for ‘quill’ and the angled end encourages even more sauce to be scooped up. Safe to say this is one saucy fella. These characteristics are destined for a baked masterpiece and are equally as delectable in a summer salad.

500g bag

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