Q: Where do you source your produce from?
A: All of our non-organic produce is from C Scruton at The Yorkshire Produce Centre. Our organic produce is sourced from a certified organic farm in Tadcaster.

Q: How does the donation work?
A: For every goodbox you order, we use £1 to buy extra produce and deliver it to the local people who need it most. To make sure we donate food in the most useful way, we work with some great charities in Leeds

Q: What charities do you work with?
A: These are the 3 we currently work with;

Healthy Start is a public health scheme that supports pregnant women, new mums and young children in very low-income families.

Give a Gift provides emergency food and clothes to people who desperately need them. From asylum seekers to homeless people to families living under the poverty line.

St George’s Crypt supports homeless and vulnerable people in Leeds. This includes lunch for anyone who comes to the door and three meals daily for hostel residents.

Q: When do I need to order?
A: Currently we deliver every Thursday and Friday. To ensure delivery for the same week you must place your order by midnight on Tuesday. Orders after that time will be delivered the following week.

Q: How do I subscribe for regular deliveries?
A: All of our boxes are offered on a subscription basis so you are guaranteed regular deliveries as soon as you select the box you want and complete your purchase.

Q: Can I customise my box?
A: You are able to add individual fruit & veg items to your box either as a regular subscription or on a weekly basis. This can be done at the time of placing your order or at any point during your subscription. 

Q: What other products can I have delivered apart from fruit & veg?
A: We offer a range of pantry items carefully sourced from quality local suppliers along with a selection of delicious fresh meals from our sister company Lean Lunch. These items can be added to you subscription as a one off purchase whenever you need them.

Q: Can I pause my subscription?
A: Yes, you can skip or pause and reactivate your subscription online at any time in your account area.

Q: Can I cancel any time?
A: Yes, you can cancel your subscription online at any time in your account area.

Q: When will you be expanding into other postcodes?
A: We are keen to expand to as many areas as possible and welcome your registration of interest in our service. We will be demand led so rally the support of as many others as you can.

Q: What if I’m not home when the delivery arrives?
A: We are happy to leave your order in safe place, please let us know where this is on your order notes. Ideally it is somewhere sheltered from the weather.

Q: Can I buy a one-off box?
A: To allow us to run a sustainable business model and minimise food waste our boxes are only available on a subscription basis.

Q: Can I choose my delivery day and time?
A: To allow us to optimise delivery you will be given a designated day and time based on your postcode, this will be the same on a weekly basis.

Q: Do I have to have the same box every week once I’ve subscribed?
A: No you can change your box online whenever you want to simply my managing your account.

Q: How fresh is the produce?
A: We source all of our produce within 48 hours of delivery to ensure it is a fresh as possible when we deliver it to you.

Q: Can I donate more than £1?
A: We only request a £1 donation which is transparently built into your weekly purchase. If you do wish to donate more then we will be happy to introduce you to one of our charity partners so you can do that directly.

If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered please get intouch and we will be happy to help.