goodbox is about doing good for you, for other people and for the planet.
We want to make it easier for you to:

  • Buy fresh, healthy produce.
  • Create tasty, nourishing meals.
  • Support your local businesses.
  • Help local people in need.
  • Protect our precious environment.

Good food to keep you healthy

Before goodbox, we launched Lean Lunch and delivered delicious healthy meals to busy workers in Leeds city centre for three years. Then the Covid-19 pandemic arrived.

It felt more important than ever for us all to eat well. And to do our bit for our community and the wider world. So we created goodbox and began delivering nutritious food from local suppliers to people at their homes.

Good food with no compromise

When we’re buying fresh food for our family, we never want to compromise on quality or choice. So we make it effortless to order good-quality, locally sourced produce.

It’s the kind of freshness you find in a favourite independent greengrocer’s.

Good food delivered in a good way

We use minimal packaging and it’s all recyclable or compostable. Just like when you buy from a market stall.

Except it’s even better because we deliver to your door in a zero-emissions, electric van. And we use £1 from each goodbox ordered to buy and deliver food to local people in need.

Good food for a good life

Being part of goodbox gives you more control over what you eat, who you buy from and how your money’s spent. And it leaves you with healthy food and a really good feeling inside.

“I passionately believe the food we eat every day has a direct impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. And I want to make tasty, nutritious food easier to buy and afford.

“I began chairing Foodwise Leeds, which aims to make Leeds a Sustainable Food Place, in September 2019. It’s emphasised to me that sustainability is about far more than minimising packaging and waste. It’s about helping people in food poverty, creating a circular economy and nurturing health and wellbeing.

“We’ve seen a big rise recently in people wanting to buy local and eat healthier. And we’ve seen more people wanting to support communities by donating their time or money. goodbox aims to meet all of these needs and aspirations. We’re delivering good food to nourish people. And we’re making it easier for people to do good for the communities they live in.”

Sat Mann, goodbox founder